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Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega Wiki / Bio

Celestia Vega is a social media personality who established herself as a gamer on live streaming network twitch. Further she extended her range to Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat. Celestia Vega was born on 12th August 1998 ; as age is 21 years(as in 2019) in California, United States.
Celestia Vega Celebrated Her 21st Birthday In Live Stream
Celestia Vega Celebrated Her 21st Birthday In Live Stream
She could not finish her University degrees as she was suspended middle school. Therefore, she is a high school student. Her nationality is American. Celestia grew up in New York but now resides in California.

Celestia Vega Boyfriend / Family

Her father and mother name is not known. There is no information available about her siblings. She is unmarried hence her husband does not exists. Celestia boyfriend name is not known.
Celestia Vega Hot Sexy In Pink Lingerie
Celestia Looks Hot Sexy In Pink Lingerie

Physical Stats

  • Height :- 5’4’’
  • Weight :- Not Known
  • Body Measurements :- Not Known
  • Eye Color :- Blue
  • Hair Color :- Black

“Celestia Vega” Career

Celestia vega started out as a gamer of Luxe gaming alongside Zoie Burgher who is a renowned Model and a Vlogger. She began her web presence in late 2015. She is a Camgirl. Celestial Vega is an American Twitch streamer, vlogger, webcam model and adult star. Her current agency is LA Direct models. When Celstia Vega decided to game up as P*rn Star, her friend and collaborator in Twitch streamer Zoie Burgher was okay with her ambition at first. But when it got concluded that Celestia Vegas was on Hardcore then the needs to cut her off Luxe gaming rose back in early 2017. She makes and stars in adult movies. Celesta Vega was seen posting many photos in her Instagram account, but since 6th September 2017 her account has been deleted and later revived. She is driving fast towards her career. Her main activity is connected with creating content on the internet. Celestia Veg is successful in making interesting videos that grab the attention of audience and she can find necessary topic that is actual for young and even more mature public. Clestia has no. of social accounts where she communicates with subscribers and fans. She uploads pictures on Instagram and share solo or in collaboration videos on Youtube. Adult twitch star speaks about relationships, self-awareness and many other issues. One of her most popular videos is ‘How to Pick Up Girls’ where she gives good and effective tips. Celestia is active on various social platforms like tumblr, reddit, twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc.

Celestia Vega filmography

  • Teen Fidelity in 2018.
  • RK Prime in 2018.
  • Bang or Bust in 2019.

Celestia Veg Networth

  • Celestia networth is estimated at $200000.

Celestia Vega Pics


  • KSI Celestia Vega had a controversy back in November 2017, when he (KSI) promised that he will release celestia p*rn video titled “My First Adult Movie ft. Celestia Vega”. He was supposedly to release the video once it strucks 1,000,000 views. The target was reached but at the time to premiere the movie, it was taken down by p*rnhub.

Favourite Things

  • Celeatia favorite color is Pink.
  • Her favorite games are The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion, Runescape and Animal Crossing : Wild World.


  • Celestia likes horror movies, cooking, poetry, travelling and singing.
  • She likes provoking her public and using dirty language.


Vega star facts are given below
  • Celestia m*sturbating fact is that she likes doggy style and m*sturbates 3-6 times daily.
  • She loves being spanked.
  • She is bise*ual i.e attracted towards both male and female, though she prefer female (Le*bian). It was made known that she ended up kissing a friend when she was in 8th
  • She has stated reason of being an adult content freak in a 3 minutes span video. WHY I’M DOING P*RN.
  • At the tender age of 5 she played guitar which she later quit.
  • She hates Pants and normal bread. Soaks in water before eating (bread has to be soggy) even in restaurant and public places.
  • Celestia Youtube channel has more than 550000 subscribers.
  • Her Instagram followers are more than 20000.
  • Celestia Vega Twitch has more than 110000 followers.
  • She likes animals and has 3 kitties (Khajiit, Rengar and Liam), 2 rats (Sylvester and Nigel) and 1 iguana (Avery).
Celestia Vega Owns Two Pet Rats And Three Pet Cats
Celestia Owns Two Pet Rats And Three Pet Cats
  • In school she loved sports and participated in soccer, track and field & cross country. She did especially well in the 100 meter dash.
  • Her breakup went so bad that Celestia Vega turned bald. She shaved her head and moved from California to Eastern US.
  • She was listed as the 8th in 2018’s most searched celebrity on Po*nhub.
  • Celestia Vega Camgirl loves art, pictures and fell in love with reading books. At young age she read 3 books daily.
  • She is obsessed with Glasses, this is because she pretented to have bad vision while young so she could get glass mainly because she likes the way it looked.
  • On 17th December 2018 she disappeared on twitter after tweeting I’m Done. Her twitter and snapchat account was deleted by herself and not that she was banned from these social media accounts.
  • Skating was one of her wish.
  • She is ardent fan of animals which made her worked in a farm at one point.
  • At the age of 3 she started using computer.
  • She is a good twerk star and has extreme fear for needles.
  • She started non veg jokes since young age.
  • Celestia sexy lady has been struggling with depression and anxiety.
  • Does she Smoke? :- Not Known
  • Does she Drink? :- Not Known
Check out her 50 random Facts revealed by herself. See video. 

Q & A

Q – Who is “Celestia Vega” ? A – Celestial Vega is an American Twitch streamer, vlogger, webcam model and adult star. Q – What happened to Celestia Vega ? A – She regretted her decision of entering into adult industry. She was uncomfortable with this and had a feeling of danger. There was something taken away from her youth. This brought depression to her, so she took some time to understand what she has to do and what not. Now she is mature and decided to go back to her roots. She posted a video saying I’m back to give positive fresh startup.
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